Troll Quest 7

Similar to the other games of the Troll Quest series, the Troll Quest 7 is yet another interesting puzzle game. The game consists of several mini puzzles that need to be solved in order to reach the new levels. There are ten complicated levels in the game and you need to protect the troll face in each level. However, ensure that your game avatar does not get caught by other Trolls as you will have to play the entire level again.

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It is a funny game that can be controlled with the help of a mouse. Players enjoy playing the game as it is a point-and-click one. You do not need a keyboard for the game. It can be played and enjoyed by all age-groups. However, some kids might not prefer playing it due to the violence content and tricky challenges. This adventurous game is different than the other puzzle genre. It requires you to think outside-the-box to complete all levels. The most obvious solution is never the right choice for the various levels.

The game avatar is a stickman that has to be protected from other Trolls so that they do not kill him. Once he is killed, the game will restart again. To make this challenging game simple, here are some tips that you could use for solving all levels:

  • In the first level of the game, click the evil’s face when it can be seen on the computer.
  • For completing Level 2, share the apples equally between both of you. Eat the last apple by putting it in your mouth.
  • Put the mobile phone in the mixer and switch the mixer on. It will blast and you can then reach the next level.
  • Click the guy’s eyes and then the hands and go flying to the space in Level 4.
  • Tap on the star that is on the left hand side corner of the screen and let it blast. This will enable you to reach Level 6.
  • Click on the head and then on the hand. You can then catch hold of the bunny. This will help you to complete your Level 6.

>> Play Troll Quest 7  <<


  • In Level 7, first click the ears and then on the mouth. There will be a skeleton in the mouth that will make you reach the next stage.
  • For completing Level 8, you need to first chop the capsicum, then the tomatoes, and in the end cut the cucumbers. Add them in the bowl and eat it when it is cooked.
  • In Level 9, smile and then click on the camera to get a picture. Put your photo on the laptop and play the video.
  • This is the last and the final level of the game. For completing this level you need to shift the bucket to the right. Then, take the dustbin to the roof of the house and click it.

It is an interesting game, isn’t it? So, enjoy this real cool game by trying to finish it with the help of our tips.