Troll Quest 6

Troll Quest 6 is a cute browser based flash game, which can be played on all computers with the least graphic requirements. It is an ideal game if you want to enhance your creative skills as it features puzzles that can be solved by adopting extraordinary means. People of all ages can play the game as it induces you to think on your feet. The controls are very simple as you can control the entire action in the game by using mouse keys. The user-friendly control configurations and impressive gameplay makes it a widely played flash game.

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The story begins with our character resting on the couch watching TV and enjoying his meal consisting Pizza, Burger, and cold drink. Then, the Troll dramatically kicks open the door and steals his pizza and kicks him out of the house. You have to help him in planning his revenge and to do this you have to work out in the gym and gain strength to defeat the Troll. The game features 10 different levels where each level is tougher than the previous one. To assist you in the playing the game, we bring you the level-wise tips, which will make your gaming experience more rewarding. You can use these tips whenever you are stuck in any of the levels:

  • In Level 1, do not work out; instead loosen the bolts of the exercise bike to clear the level.
  • To clear Level 2, first tap on your character’s head to wear the head gear, then tap on the feet to wear dancing shoes, and then play the tape recorder in order to dance.
  • Level 3 is simple just hit a ball; it will bounce off and decapitate you, then hit your head using the racquet.
  • In Level 4, click on the sun to blow the wind and then turn on the fan in order to unlock Level 5.
  • In Level 5, pull out the hidden dog and then do pull-ups in order to evade him.
  • To clear Level 6, move the track to the right hand side and then perform the stunt so that you can crash land on the fans.
  • In Level 7, do not exercise on the poll; just use the scissor to cut one end and then swing out of the window.

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  • Level 8 is a bit tricky; change the channels of the television while you are bouncing on the gym balls, then press on the gym balls twice to clear this level.
  • In Level 9, you have to evade the hurdles in order to progress. Click on the alcohol bottles to drink them, and then attempt the stunt once you consume all bottles.
  • Level 10 is the last level where you have to punch the punching bag. No matter how hard you punch the bag, you will not clear the level unless you lift the bag as soon as you hit the punch.

So, get ready for some fun-time while solving the 10 levels. In case you get stuck with any of them, you can check our tricks.