Troll Quest 4

Troll Quest 4 is another addition to the flash based puzzle game series Troll Quest. The game requires out-of-the-box thinking as each level contains a puzzle, which can be solved by using extra ordinary methods. The cute graphics and amazing gameplay makes it a sheer delight for kids. The game doesn’t feature high end graphics, and only requires a browser equipped with a flash player, which means you can play this game even on outdated computers.

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The game is very easy to play as the controls are extremely user-friendly. You can control all the functions by using mouse keys. So, kids can play the game without any difficulty. Each level brings tricky challenges, which are sometimes difficult to clear. Due to the extreme difficulties in the challenges, you sometimes lose interest in the game and skip playing it.

We understand that you love playing Troll Quest 4, and therefore we bring you level-wise tricks, which will keep you hooked to the game.

  • To clear Level 1, rub the lighter against the teeth appearing amongst clouds.
  • In Level 2, drag the target closer to you and then shoot the score bulls-eye.
  • Level 3 brings you a snow man, which cannot be killed unless you slide the clouds away and cause the snowman to melt.
  • In Level 4, do not hit the karate guy; instead click on yourself in order to avoid the fight and escape in an ambulance.
  • To clear Level 5, click on the skater in order to drill the ground.
  • In Level 6, slide downwards and press the left button of the mouse to activate Glider.
  • Perform a high jump by clicking on the Troll in order to clear Level 7.
  • In Level 8, instead of throwing the bigger disc, open the waist pack, extract a small disc, and throw it.
  • In Level 9, eat small marbles by locating them in the scenery and in Level 10 pull out the jack and tap on yourself to increase your height in order to perform high jump.

>> Play Troll Quest 4 <<


  • Perform a well planned dive in the water in order to clear Level 11.
  • In Level 12, no matter how hard you try the bullet will never find its mark unless you click on the Troll as soon as the countdown begins.
  • To clear Level 13, press the finish banner, it will change to ‘Limbo’ and then walk towards the finish line.
  • In Level 14, press the star icon on the left, the fairy troll will appear and change the package to sheep. Hop on the sheep to clear the level.
  • To clear Level 15, press the button on the back of your dress to make your character stronger.
  • In Level 16, press the sail of other ships, which will cause them to drown and you can easily cross the river.
  • In Level 17, change the speed setting to second last setting and to clear Level 18, press the slab to raise it to number one.
  • To clear Level 19, pull out a stick and light it and then hand it over to the character.
  • In Level 20, do not use the fan to stop the fire; instead pull out a hair from the Troll’s head.

If you use these tricks, we promise that you will never be stuck in the game!