Troll Quest 3

Troll Quest 3 is a flash based puzzle game from the makers of Troll Quest series. The game is fun and meant for people of all age groups. The game brings to you a big brain teaser where players need to solve lots of mini puzzles in order to beat the game. All controls of the game are mouse based, which means all actions in the game can be easily controlled with the mouse. The game brings 20 levels of engaging mini puzzles that will test your wits.

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The puzzles become increasingly difficult with each level and due to this lots of people are not able to complete it. If you wish to beat this game then follow the below mentioned level-wise tips and tricks:

  • In Level 1 press on the car to drive and press again to stop in order to avoid being struck by a bomb.
  • Level 2 shows you a brick, which has ‘Click Me’ written on it. Do not click on the brick; instead click on the ‘Me’ word appearing in the Menu.
  • Click on the girl’s mouth and then click on your mouth to eat the apple and clear Level 3.
  • Level 4 is pretty simple if you solve it with some patience. Drag the Troll icon to the flag and avoid touching the maze. After that drag it back to the next flag, but be careful this time as the controls are inverted.
  • In Level 5, use the tank till the edge of the bridge, then cross the bridge by walking.
  • Level 6 is tricky, you need to slide the smallest rock aside and make way for the water to drain.
  • In Level 7, don’t press the gun or else you will be killed; instead drag the Troll to the left, and then press the gun.

>> Play Troll Quest 3 <<


  • Shake the tree till it grows into a huge one and let the apple directly drop on the Troll’s head in order to clear Level 8.
  • To clear Level 9, continuously tap the woodpecker till the Troll appears from the tree trunk.
  • In Level 10, avoid colliding with the wall and dial 987655 and press the call button to clear Level 11.
  • In Level 12, open the first dummy but do not open the subsequent dummies. Just click on the Troll hiding in the first dummy.
  • To clear Level 13, pour water on the plant till it grows fully and then pour poison on the plant.
  • In Level 14, do not cut the tree using the axe, click twice on the branch and the tree will slide and make way for you.
  • Rotate the gear till the Troll laughs in order to progress to Level 15.
  • In Level 16, drag the finish board towards your raft and tap on them. Tap on walls till words ‘I M DUMB’ are visible; in order to clear Level 17.
  • Click on the coconut till it falls on Troll’s head and then click on the giant crab hiding in it, and progress to Level 19.
  • Click on the last button of the remote to switch the TV Channel in Level 19.
  • In the final Level spot the 5 differences, which are horn, teeth, bottle, eye, and clouds.

Use these tricks and enjoy playing Troll 3!