Troll Quest 2

The Troll Quest 2 is similar to the prequel of the Troll Quest series. Your main mission in the game is the same; complete all levels in the game without letting your game avatar die. However, the different challenges that you come across in the levels make the game special.

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The main character of the game is a stick man. You need to save the stick man from losing lives in the game. Controlling the game is easy; just point and click with the help of your mouse. So, you don’t require a keyboard to play this game. It can be enjoyed by all; however, there might be some challenging levels that kids won’t be able to complete. So, to make the game simpler for them, here are some tips that you could use:

  • In Level 1, tap on the keyhole of the cage.
  • To clear Level 2, click each and every star that is available on the sign. Then, you need to click the guy.
  • Tap on the guy’s eyes and then click the camera for clearing Level 3.
  • In Level 4, first tap on the guy, then tap on the moon. However, tapping on the moon is to be done when the clouds appear in the sky.
  • To complete Level 5, click on the bottom of the curtain and then on the knob.
  • The small bump that is provided on the roof needs to be tapped at Level 6.
  • There are two knobs on the side of the machine. Click on them and then on the conveyor belt.

>> Play Troll Quest 2 <<


  • In Level 8, tap on the moon, frog, bird, and then on the bait.
  • Level 9 is simple. All you need to do is drag the guy down.
  • In this puzzle, once the cards are matched with each other, click the troll face card.
  • In Level 11, you need to tap at the end of the toffee.
  • You need to be quick for solving Level 12 as you have to tap on the guy as soon as he appears.
  • There is a black area in the mouth of the shark. Click that and then on the guy.
  • In Level 14, tap on the middle part of the clock, which is also the raised one.
  • By tapping on the thermometer, the guy’s fever will reduce. Then, click on the door.
  • In Level 16, you need to tap inside the right nostril of troll.
  • The guy standing on the washing machine needs to be tapped and held.
  • For clearing Level 18, you need to get the troll combo by clicking in between each bar.
  • In Level 19, you have to tap on any of the glasses and then on the bottle that has a bird picture.
  • For completing the final level of the game, click on the guy’s eyes.

In this way, you will be able to complete each and every level of the game easily. The mini puzzles of each level are quite interesting. So, have fun while you enjoy your favorite Troll Quest 2 game.