Troll Quest 1

Are you interested in solving several mini puzzles involved in an online game? If yes, then Troll Quest game will be a perfect one for you. In this game, you will have to solve 20 simple puzzles but without getting caught by Trolls. Now, that makes the game interesting!

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The game can be played and enjoyed by all age-groups; but, some kids might not like the violence involved in it. Controlling the game is simple; all you need to do is point and click by using your mouse. Your main mission in this game is to complete 20 levels without allowing your game avatar to die. Each level consists of a new challenge and some of them are quite tricky. You need to think out-of-the-box to complete these levels as the most obvious way to complete it may not be the right method. To make your game simpler, here are some tips that you could use for clearing each level of the game:

  • In the first Level, click the red button on the television.
  • For completing Level 2, you need to click on the left person’s eyes.
  • Click the triangle on the green door and then click the door itself to complete Level 3.
  • Level 4 is a bit tricky, and for clearing this one you need to click the guy 5 times. Then, click the pipe segments to make the connection work.
  • In Level 5, you need to click the three people that are standing together, and then click the leaves of one of the people.
  • There is a zipper pull behind the bull’s horns and you need to click that for clearing Level 6.
  • Once you turn into a human in Level 7, and then click the wand.
  • You would have never got this one! For clearing Level 8, you need to click the car exactly 18 times and then wait.

>> Play Troll Quest 1 <<


  • In Level 9, click the guy 19 times.
  • To clear Level 10, click the word “Trollface” for 10 times.
  • The black minimize button needs to be clicked twice and then hit the win button.
  • In Level 12, drag the piece of candy up and outside the puzzle and then reach the new level.
  • The car can be moved by clicking the green triangle. Then, click any of the two black boxes as they come close to the car for clearing Level 13.
  • You need to be quick in Level 14. Click the boulder before it hits the man.
  • For completing Level 15, tap the green button 99 times that is on the left, and then the green button on the right once.
  • When the blades are almost going to hit the man, click the small button that is provided in the upper-right corner of the wall.
  • In Level 17, click the nine trollfaces. Then, click the ‘level failed’ window.
  • You need to jump over the first two spike traps by tapping on the ‘jump’ button. However, you need to walk over the third trap.
  • For completing Level 19, you need to click various notes in a series and in the end click the man.
  • Level 20 is another tricky level. You have to tap on the wires and then click the light red button on the television.

The aforesaid tips will surely make your game an engrossing one. So, have fun!