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The Troll Quest Series brings another exciting browser based puzzle game called Troll Quest 5. The game is a great way to boost your problem-solving skills, as the mini puzzles can be solved only by using unusual strategies. It can be played on any system as it doesn’t have any hardware or software requirements, except that the browser should be equipped with flash player. The controls are also simple as all the action in the game can be easily controlled by using mouse.

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The story begins with the player striving hard to win the Troll Cup by participating in the football game. In order to win the Troll cup you have to solve 20 engrossing levels, which will challenge your wits. In order to make your gaming experience more fruitful read the below mentioned level-wise tips. You can use them when you are stuck in the game:

  • In Level 1, press the text ‘TROLL CUP,’ now the troll will kick you and you will progress to Level 2.
  • Take the scissor and cut out a piece of red card to pass the security guard in Level 2.
  • To clear Level 3, do not kick the ball; instead click on the moon and kick it as hard as you can once it touches the ground.
  • Level 4 is very simple, just don’t pump more air in the ball or explode.
  • In Level 5, you have to give the change of clothes to the fugitive, and to do that just click on the shopkeeper’s hand.
  • In Level 6, drink vodka two times and then click on the last ball to reveal the super power tonic, and then drink it to clear the level.
  • To pass the security guard in Level 7, just slide the cupboard towards the left and disconnect the power switch. Then, walk safely towards the guard.

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  • To clear Level 8, just beat the drum as hard as you can till the television explodes.
  • In Level 9, sync the cars so that they do not collide with each other and kick the hidden football to clear Level 10.
  • In Level 11, just relax and get yourself a soccer fan haircut and win the football match by tampering with the scoreboard to clear Level 12.
  • Just dodge the Football 10 times to clear Level 13 and create a diversion in order to enter in the stadium.
  • In Level 15, when a hole appears in the hot air balloon, jump out by using a parachute.
  • Level 16 is very simple, press the button when the prompt appears and choose any soccer hat in Level 17.
  • In Level 18, press on the score board till the score is changed to 6:0.
  • In Level 19, close the goal post by clicking on it and then kick the ball so that it bounces back and hits you in the face.
  • Level 20 is simply hilarious; you have to continuously tap on the Troll’s teeth in order to increase the meter and once it reaches maximum then kick the ball. In the cut scene the ball travels the globe and then hits the goal post.

So, make use of our tricks and have fun while playing Troll Quest 5!